Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Plans for

The web address is going to be directed at another page. Not yet but soon. I have to do do a portfolio for an assignment. Which is great for me as I'm killing two birds with one stone. I've not got one yet so I need to make one and now I actually get as part of my course so I have an even more valid reason to pour even more time into it.
But that by no means that My Tiny Fragile Mind will be closed to visitors. In fact I may try and keep it as part of my online portfolio. It would be a good way to make sure that unlike other ones it will be kept fresh. Plus it would encourage me to update more often (which I know all of you want me to do). I think the title should defiantly be kept as it would make sense that what I would want to show off would come from my mind.
Regardless of what may happen I can say one thing is for sure. This area of the interwebz has become very dusty, stale and just in need of a good general spring clean. So with that in mind I'm going to share with you one of the many things I'm working on at the moment that will hopefully brighten up this place.

What is going on?
It's far from finished but maybe it will be enough for you to work out what I'm thinking about doing.
While you're chewing on that tasty little morsel of art (I've been told I should be more confident in my skills, but I'm always worried I'll come across as big headed) I'm going to go and work on my other things.
Nighty night


Anonymous said...

hello sweetie guess who :) xxx

DEITRIX said...

Artwork is looking great! Keep it up.
Sounds like your getting into the gaming business- Awaiting to play that first game.

Prob be better to catch you on facebook I take it..

Just stoppin' in to say Hi- Talk soon!