Wednesday 2 March 2011

Plans for

The web address is going to be directed at another page. Not yet but soon. I have to do do a portfolio for an assignment. Which is great for me as I'm killing two birds with one stone. I've not got one yet so I need to make one and now I actually get as part of my course so I have an even more valid reason to pour even more time into it.
But that by no means that My Tiny Fragile Mind will be closed to visitors. In fact I may try and keep it as part of my online portfolio. It would be a good way to make sure that unlike other ones it will be kept fresh. Plus it would encourage me to update more often (which I know all of you want me to do). I think the title should defiantly be kept as it would make sense that what I would want to show off would come from my mind.
Regardless of what may happen I can say one thing is for sure. This area of the interwebz has become very dusty, stale and just in need of a good general spring clean. So with that in mind I'm going to share with you one of the many things I'm working on at the moment that will hopefully brighten up this place.

What is going on?
It's far from finished but maybe it will be enough for you to work out what I'm thinking about doing.
While you're chewing on that tasty little morsel of art (I've been told I should be more confident in my skills, but I'm always worried I'll come across as big headed) I'm going to go and work on my other things.
Nighty night

Friday 18 February 2011

Fun times in the Living Room

The above picture sums up one of the many reason why I love Video Games. The amount of enjoyment they provide to everyone regardless of if they are playing or just watching.
There was a moment earlier where I was playing the Deadspace 2 Demo. The lights where switched off and I think I could safely say that everyone almost soiled their self. Not that I would blame them it they did. It was a scary demo with a random enemy climbing over a side railing which resulted in everyone screaming and me trying to punch it's face in. I won in the end. But was chopped in half a couple of times.
While video games always get shined in a bad light of being anti social is this really true? I don't believe so in the least. I used to be socially awkward when I was younger but I think that was just due to me being me and not because I played video games all the time. I'm proud to say that I've been able to make many friends over time and I'm an avid video game player. Many of the friends I've made have actually been through online matches and while I may not know these people face to face I would still consider them friends. In fact I even use online services such as Xbox Live or the Playstation Network to keep in touch with friends who may have moved away or that I'm unable to see. It's almost like our own way of arranging a get together down at the pub. Only cheaper and with so many drunken rants (there is still the odd one or two rants but not many).
So that's my argument against Video Games Making People Anti Social. What's your opinion on the matter? Do you even have one? Any reason why if you don't? I'm interested to find out.

Thursday 3 February 2011

In the words of la Femme Fatale...

Opps...I did it again.
I don't know why but I've been really rubbish at keeping this little place up to date. Something that I should and will sort out . I've already been preping myself up and getting everything ready. I just needed to get a couple of physical objects that was going to help me out. What are they? Well a diary and pen actually.

Something that is super helpful as it means whenever or wherever I am I'll be able to write down what I am thinking and keep a track of it all. Good news for all I would say. Hopefully this will also mean I can keep a track of what I've done as well so when it comes to showing off my talents I can actually remember when I did them.

P.s The Femme Fatale that is mentioned in the title of the post is Britney Spears. She announced it as the title of her new album. Hopefully the Fatale part won't be something along the lines of rubbish songs accompanied by a lame backing track.

Saturday 16 October 2010

Those Production Diaries

I managed to set them up. If you want to take a peek at what I'm learning and doing then feel free to look over at my Blog Roll. I'm pretty sure you can work out which ones they are meant to be.
Right now my live is pretty much revolving around Uni. I'm still being social but now I spend a lot of time thinking about different deadlines and how I can make that bit of work look a the much better. And there's all the learning I'm doing on top of that as well. I'm surprised that I've managed to keep all the information in and retain it as well. That's another reason for the Production Diaries as well. It a neat little reminder to myself how to do different things. I'm trying to set the posts up so that you can either chose to see what I've done. Or so you can learn what I learnt also. Hopefully once I get a new computer with all of the programs that I'll be using I'll also be able to post up some screen shots as well.
Your feedback on the either Diary will be greatly appreciated so please leave any suitable comments.

Tuesday 28 September 2010

Need to start practising

Practising what exactly? Writing really. I've become so out of practice that my spelling is horrendous (before I used spell check there was just a sea of red waves all over the place), it's taking me ages to think of anything good to write about (hence the boring premise for this post) and...umm...Oh that's it, I keep forgetting what I want to write about.
This is very bad news for me though. Part of the requirements of my new Uni course is to do a Production dairy. One for each Unit I do. While a dairy isn't too hard to do I would like it to read well. Just like this blog I would like people to get some sort of enjoyment from reading it. Even if it's only a small smile at a slightly stupid remark such as "I like Boobies" (bet that got a little tinge of a smile at least).Also I got to find a place to post these Dairies and come up with an interesting title for all of them. It took me long enough to come with the idea of "My Tiny Fragile Mind". Can you imagine how bad it's going to be to come up something that is entertaining and informative as well. I'm getting a brain ache just thinking about it.
Other things I need to do involve trying to keep my desk clear of mess. Which is difficult because I'm such a chronic dumper. I just looked to my right now and can see a pile of books and papers that I need to try and sort through after I've finished this post. Maybe if I keep writing then I can shun that responsibility till tomorrow. Actually that won't work. That means I'll need to keep thinking of something good to write and for you to the read. And we all know that when I ramble it leads to nothing constructive.In other areas of my tragic boring yet strangely entertaining life. Game wise I'm playing Deadrising 2. Bar a couple of issues (your more likely to find a tramp with aids then get put into a working multiplayer lobby) it's immensely enjoyable. Who can argue that combining boxing gloves and motor oil to make flaming gloves to set zombies on fire is not fun?

Also I've been told that I resemble two people from a sitcom that just started it's 3rd series over here. But I'm going to save that little gem for a later post.
I guess I better post this and take care of that cleaning. Enjoy yourselves people.

Wednesday 22 September 2010

It's Been Awhile

Long time no see right?
Like if we were fish I pretty sure we would have died or evolved into land based creatures as has it been so long without the see bit.Anyway word games aside, after a (reasonably long but much needed) hiatus I'm proud to say that my mind is open to all again. It's not as fragile as it used to been but please tread carefully as I've just placed down some new laminate and I don't want it to get scratched.
So I'm guessing you're hankering to know why I open up shop again. You're not? Oh cheers, nice to know you to. Well I'm going to tell you anyway. I've recently enrolled at University. It's going to involve a lot of writing. Well I say a lot I do actually mean an excruciating amount. A couple of examples, a piece of coursework on the history of video games. If you've read any of my blogs in the past then you know I can talk for Britain on current games (and any other event which seems to take my interests) , can you imagine me talking about the riches of video game history from the humble beginnings of Pong and Space Invaders to the tragic mistakes of Custer's Revenge (google it, I'm not dirtying my site with that smut). Heck if I didn't have to wake up early tomorrow then I might just write something up now. But sadly with Uni life comes certain events that cannot be missed. Like Freshers Fair.
Oh in case you haven't work it out yet I'm doing a course that relates to that most beloved subject Video Games. The actual name is Game Cultures and hopefully I learn some nice little tricks to spruce up the site. But because of this I may end up moving from site to site. So to avoid any disappointment and missed posts save to your bookmarks. I'll set it up to redirect you to the right place.
Other things to look forward to. Possible Beta Testing of any games I make, possibly. Depends if you all behave yourselves. Maybe leave the odd comment or two or five. Five would be cool.
Time to end this post. But it's looking a bit bear so maybe time to add a little colour.

Nothing like a photo of a Gingerbread Orgy to brighten up the place. Look at that Gingerbread Dudette, she's loving it.

Saturday 29 May 2010

What to write?

I've hit writers block. I don't know what to write.
Well I have ideas on what to write but not how to write it.
I blame twitter for this. With it's silly letter limit. How is my mind meant to flourish with such a limit set in place.
Maybe I should do a post for my friend that is always asking me to do one (he know who he is). But I don't know where to start. Or how to do the format that he has set out. Wouldn't want to ruin a format. It would be like going to someone's bedroom and rearranging their bookshelves. Or DVD collection. Or Video Game selection. I have a very specific way of organising my Games. First it's order of never played. Then regular play. Then Kinda Play but keep it close just in case. And then in all of those sections will then be in alphabetical order. That would so piss me off if someone rearranged it. Like I would demand that put it all back in place.
Anyway. Things that I've done this month. I had my birthday (Whooo for me) which I spent at the Camden Crawl. Where I lost my phone so sadly have no pictures. Actually this month I have no pictures at all which is a change for me saying I always take loads.
What else can I talk about. I'm looking forward to Reading. Like really really. Sundays line up is my idea of Gig heaven. Blink 182 alone makes me dribble a little. Oh and there is Paramore as well. Speaking of which any one see the photo that was put onto a centain lead singer's Twitter account? I have. I got to say they are quite nice. But it is a bit silly of her to try and say that she was "hacked". Yeah a hacker is going to go into your account and post a picture that only you could have. Yeeaaaahh, riiiggght. Now the only band that need to say they are playing at Reading would be fun. (all lower case and with the . at the end as well).
I saw them twice now and absolutely adore their style in music. Uplifting beats with a strong lyrics. Their album is released on the 7th July (just a little bit over a week) and I strongly recommend it.
Things that are happening right now. Well at this present moment not only am I trying to type up this post with anything that comes to mind, I'm playing Call of Duty and also chatting to this girl that I served at work who is slightly intoxicated. She is also quite pretty. Her friend is hot as well. Shame they both have boyfriends. Always seems to be the case. What is it that say "Girls are like parking spaces. All the good ones are taken and the rest are either Disabled or Parent and Child."
Actually I have an idea on what the next post could be. Would be good to see other peoples look on it.
Well for someone that had nothing to write about I seem to have typed up a lot. I think I'll end it with a video from my favourite new band fun (listen to the words, you'll see what I mean about deep).


Monday 19 April 2010

Is this real?

Not so much reality it self. That question get raised far too much since The Matrix was released but more the video below.

As many of you know (or may have forgotten saying I fell off the radar for two months) I love Freerunning/Parkour and skateboarding. I'm not so much a fan of Pringle lid throwing but if it's as cool as this guy makes it then I may watch it a bit more.

Thursday 28 January 2010

I just don't understand

I really don't. People will steal fake phones from a display. FAKE PHONES. And it's not like they are not stuck down. It takes a fair bit of effort to get one off the said display. So when I see this, it confuses me soooo much.

I even went and have a look myself and found that the keys were in the ignition. Now this looks way more fun then a phone that won't work. But not one person even sniffed at it. Well Apart from me. I guess I will never understand the mentality of some people.

Monday 18 January 2010

Saving the pennies

And the ponds will look after you. Or something like that.

I have a trip coming up in April and I'm saving hardcore at the moment so I know that no only will I be able to go but that I can also have some money to spend while I'm there also.
So I had a look at my out goings to work out where I could save the most money.
First thing that I had to get rid of was the Video Game buying =0(
But that's not too much of a bad thing as I have Left 4 Dead 2 and COD MW2 also, so I will definitely have something to occupy my time.

The next big thing that was burning my money as if Fossil Fuels were going to run out tomorrow was food. I normally spend a stupidly large amount on food, which wasn't to healthy either.
So today I went out to look for alternatives.
Now on average my lunch would cost somewhere around the price bracket of £7-£10 depending on how hungry I was. Which is a ridiculous amount when I thought about it. £3 for a sandwich just because someone buttered it for me. You're having a laugh (and at my expense).
So how much would it be to get my bead and butter it. Well I can get 4 rolls for 50p, Butter for a £1.49 and filling (Ham in this case) for £1.60. Working that out on a daily basis that's:
2 rolls= 25p a day
Butter that will last about a month £1.49/30= 5p a day
Ham 12 slices. 2 slices a day= 27p a day
So a grand total of 57p a day. A saving of £6.43. WHOOP SPENDING MONEY!!!
Sorry don't know what got over me just then.
But what about those days where I'm really really hungry. We're talking about 2 Big Macs, 2 Large Fries and Cheese Burger and possibly a little extra room for a McFurry.
Well today was one of those days and being determin as I am to not spend extra money I got my myself some soup. Looking at it alone filled me up.
Don't believe me? Have a look for yourself.

By god the amount of meat and veg in this little tub was immense and for £1.50 I could not go wrong.
So lets see in total on a hungry day I would normally would spend £10. With this method I spend £2.07. UP YOUR RONALD MC FUCKING DONALD!!!!


Sunday 17 January 2010

While I was out...

... I found myself the cutest and coolest keyring.
Words actually don't do it justice so here's a quick pic.

Of course I bought the little dude right away. Who would be able to say no to him?
Well maybe this man.

He came into my shop and I just had to get a photo. How many keyrings does he have on that thing? Also if you're one of my UK readers then you may recognise this person. He was on the X-Factor last year.

What he says at the end about Louis is so true, specially saying that Louis put John and Edward through.


Sunday 10 January 2010


Don't you just love them?
What do you mean you don't? Sorry you must of wandered onto the wrong page you freak.
But too those of you who said yes, surprisingly you're not in a small group. Everyone likes a good freebie once in a while. Be it those testers of cocktail sausages in the supermarket or that mix cd of that ramdom dude that's trying to get on the scene.

The latest freebies that I got was a T-Shirt for Left For Dead 2 and this cool pet that's for my avatar on the 360. Now I don't have a full picture of it yet but but if you look to the right of the page you'll see my 360 gamer card. Now take a look at my gamer pic. See that cute little yellow thing. That's my own little Cocobo =0D
I haven't given him a name yet but I will soon. Isn't he the cutest? And to make it even better I got him for free. I just wish I remembered how I did it. I really should write these things down somewhere.


Thursday 31 December 2009

New Year's Resolutions (A day in advance)h

So it's been over a month (possibly two in fact) where I actually did a post. There are loads of little reasons for it, things like COD 4 MW2 (I addicted to that crap like Crack), not having access to a computer and Christmas (shopping and wrapping takes a lot out of ya).
But the main reason, the number one suspect in why I've not posted recently. The deadly sin which stops me dead in my tracks:


It's affected a lot of what of what I do. Be it blogging to actually going to the gym (yeah I did managed to start, but as you can probably tell I haven't been in about two months).
Now, I could easily blame it on the fact that it is dark and cold because it is winter, however deep down I know it's just because I'm lazy.
But NO MORE. Well at least for 2010 =0)
My resolutions are simple.
  • Post at least once a week.
  • Go to the gym twice a week.
  • Post off my UCAS form for Uni.
  • Save up to go to Japan.
Now I should be able to do all of these things if I just stop being Lazy. Which I shouldn't find too difficult (I think) but I could really do with some help. So if My Fragile Mind starts to become stagnant, drop me an e-mail, post me a comment or even message me over Xbox Live. Life (and everything in general) is easier with a little bit of help. And finally just to finish my last post off for this Year (and the Decade)


Oh and a Belated MERRY CHRISTMAS

Ice Koobs

Thursday 5 November 2009

I just saw this

And I felt I should share it

I just can't describe what I feel about this at the moment. Maybe in a later post

Wednesday 21 October 2009

Really. Europe is getting an Exclusive?

Yeah you did read right. But what is going to be so Exclusive?
Is it maybe Lucky Charms Delux. With extra sugar and E numbers then what you poke a stick at? Sadly no.
Maybe there will a special Koob Day, exclusive to the U.K. Again no. But that would be such an awesome idea. You could have floats that look like me. And in the parade (cause there will have to be a parade) there would be portable karaoke machines.
Errr.... where was I? Oh yeah the Exclusive to Europe.
Well I'll give some clues to what it could be.
It is video game related.
It's about colour.
When you say it's name you sometimes giggle (well I still do).
And sometime when you play with it's controller it feels like you have a very kinky sex toy in your hands.

Yes you guessed it. The Wii is getting a little makeover with the Black Edition.

Mmmm. Well that's it. It does look nice. But I got one already. And can't be arsed to replace it. It's not like I play it much any way.
But I guess there will be a load of people that will do so.